In your first session, you will be welcomed by a professional counselor who is trained to listen closely and find out what difficulties you are experiencing.

Our goal is to develop a good therapeutic relationship with you so that you feel safe and secure enough to share with us your issues. The therapy room is a non-judgmental space where you can freely discuss and talk about things that feel unsafe.

Individual Counselling


30/45/60 minute

We also offer online counselling sessions if these are more convenient for you.

The added convenience can make it easier to commit to therapy and to stress less about whether you will be able to make it this week or not.

Online Counselling


30/45/60 minute

We offer counselling for dealing with relationship issues.


Couples at all stages of their relationship can benefit from couples counselling.

Couples Counselling


30/45/60 minute

The personal nature of family relationships can make fighting, misunderstandings and stonewalling all that more painful.

We can help you reclaim your family life again.

Contact us with no obligation.

Family Counselling


30/45/60 minute