There Is A Way


There is a Way is a book that speaks to all ages. This is an incredible story of intrigue, suspense, and redemption. Take the journey into the lives of four friends who believe that life will be easy during their search for significance. On their journey, they encounter the very things they said they would never do.

Despising their parent’s lifestyles and choices they find themselves making similar decisions, that is leading them to a destructive path. The main character, Kayla attempts to prevent her friends from falling victim to societal norms and generational curses. During her attempt to save her friends she is faced with choices of her own that may cost her in the end.

This story will identify some of the origins of low self-esteem, depression, abandonment, negative associations, anger, and sexual promiscuity and other issues that young adult will face. There is a way will show you how to become victorious in life.

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