Website Design By TPC

Therapy Practice Consulting specialises in building websites for therapists. Click here to find therapy website pricing.

As part of our services, we offer professional, clear and easy to navigate designs that are intended to capture the attention of potential clients without overwhelimng them. We take care to provide the highest technical specifications so that not only do the websites look good, but they also feel professional. Search engine optimisation and Google Ads are ways in which we also help therapists gain more visibility online.

Regardless of their therapeutic approach, whether it bepsychodinamic, congitive behavioural or eclectic, we can find a design that will convey your professionalism and warmth.Your website will look and feel approachable.

As well as web design serivces, we also offer a copywriting service. How it works: we will send you a questionnaire to find out more about your private practice, your approahc, the modalities you practice, your personality, how you want potential clients to feel when they read your website… And we will write personalised text that will reflect all of those things on your website. What makes me qualified to write text for therapists and counsellors? Well, I have been eeply interested in the field for many years and considered becoming a therapist myself for a long time. I even completed a masters degree in experimental psychology if you can believe that!

I draw on this knowledge, plus my experience copywriting to create text that will be approachable and compelling to your potential customers. Some therapists purchase this service because they are aware that years of trianing has made it hard for them to express what they do and how they help in non-technical terms which clients can relate to and understand.

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